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RCD (Residual Current Devices)

RCD and Switchboard upgrades.

Keep safe by ensuring your circuit breakers and RCDs (safety switches) are up to date, detecting faults immediately so you are protected against serious electric shock and electrical fires.

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Landlords and those who you put their home up for sale in Western Australia are required to have installed a minimum of two RCD’s (Residual Current Devices) in their property protecting both the lighting and power sockets. This law is not retrospective, but as professional electricians we recommend that all property be protected in this way. These devices are designed to disconnect the power immediately (or within the prescribed time usually 30ms) should you come into contact with live wires thus preventing your electrocution. This link will provide you with current RCD laws and facts provided by Department of Commerce WA Energy Safety Energy Safety Fact Sheet

If you are having any problems with your power supply, old or faulty wiring could be the cause. Whether you need full rewiring or partial, an electrician from Gildan air and electrical will ensure your risks are reduced. We are also experts of switchboard upgrades, from providing RCDs to a full switchboard upgrade.

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